How to Save a Relationship – Things You Can Do

There are various possible ways what you can do to save a relationship even if you seem to be the only one who is trying how to fix it alone. That's because the following tips will also make your partner desire to stop the breakup actually happening. And the best part...

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How to Fix a Relationship – Powerful Tips

Sometimes in relationship when you feel dark situations, you might urge to turn back your relationship into the state where it was almost perfect and everything was going strong and happy. A number of couples suffer having some kind of regrets to the deterioration of...

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How to Get Over It?

Has your spouse ever told you to "get over it?" Maybe the affair was 6 years ago, or 6 weeks ago and they expect you to forgive and move on. From what I've read, brain research reveals that "getting over it" is virtually impossible. You also may be interested to hear...

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Saving Marriage and Forgiveness

If you want to move toward forgiveness but feel stuck, Dr. Gunzburg can show you how to deal with the offense head on through a unique method called cognitive behavioral therapy. That means overcoming your overwhelming feelings that won't go away, haunting images and...

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I Can’t Get My Spouse to Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is often something that couples seek when they are at the brink of getting a divorce. Marriage counseling is often sought too late, once the marriage is in a lot of trouble. Although it's never "too late" for marriage counseling, the sooner you can...

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