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If you are in a marriage relationship, you may take it for granted that your husband still loves you. However, a number of things make people change over time and the issue of your husband’s love may not be as simple as it may appear at first. Nevertheless, given that women often have very sensitive instincts, you may sense that your husband no longer feels the same way towards you as he used to.

Your instinct may give you a red light so that you know that things are not in order. However, you may need more concrete proof, and that’s why it’s necessary for you to know the important signs. These are the things that will help you to know whether your husband still loves you.

The frequency of his verbal expressions

During the earlier stages of your marriage, your husband most likely used to tell you how much he loved you fairly frequently. He did not need to have any special reason to give his verbal affirmation. With time, he may say this less and less frequently.

This is an important sign that your husband is falling out of love, which you should not take for granted. Do not assume that your husband does not tell you about his love since he knows that you are already aware of it. There must be some kind of reason why your husband has stopped telling you that he loves you as often as before. The reason could be that he does not really love you as much as before.

Consider his actions

While your husband’s words are important in determining whether he still loves you, his actions are even more significant. Try to recall how he used to behave towards you when you were still hotly in love.

While it is natural for people’s actions to shift over time, there are some changes that will show you that your husband does not love you any more, at least not as much as previously. Although he is bound to change due to added responsibilities, he should not be making your life more difficult. If this is the case, it may show that he has begun to neglect you to some extent, which is a bad sign. If your husband’s behavior clearly indicates that he no longer gives you respect, the most likely reason is that he has fallen out of love with you.

Once you have determined whether your husband still loves you, you should not give up no matter how painful the reality may be. You can still reverse the situation and get your husband back in love once more.