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How to fix a relationshipMarriage counseling is often something that couples seek when they are at the brink of getting a divorce. Marriage counseling is often sought too late, once the marriage is in a lot of trouble. Although it’s never “too late” for marriage counseling, the sooner you can get marriage counseling when you sense trouble in your marriage, the easier it will be to get through the rough spots in your marriage.

Marriage counseling is typically used as a last resort, which explains why most couples are on the brink of divorce by the time they seek a marriage counselor. A lot of people think that these minor issues they experience in their marriage are “normal” and they will work through it. But then these minor issues start to pile up, and before they know it, they are talking about divorce.

If you think it is time for some counseling, you are going to need to also convince your spouse to go. This may not be easy though. There are a lot of people in the world that don’t feel like they need help with anything, or that marriage counselors are quacks. It also seems that men are more likely to resist going to counseling than women are, but this isn’t ALWAYS the case.

So how can I get my spouse to marriage counseling? You need to be sure that when you discuss going to marriage counseling, that you don’t accuse them as being a source of the marriage problems. Don’t make it sound like they are the reason you need counseling. If you do, you will encounter a lot of resistance. Try to make it clear to your spouse that you want counseling because you love them and that you want to know what you can do to save the marriage. All you’re trying to do is to get them in the door at this point. So if you have to, put all the blame on yourself if that’s what it will take to convince them.

If your explain to your spouse that you would like to go to a counselor because you have issues you need to work on, they are more likely to be willing to try it out. Let them know that you think you need some help in order to be a better partner to them, and that you need to know what you can do to contribute more to the marriage. Even if your spouse is the one that needs the most help, they will most likely resist if you put the fault on them. Like I said, you’re just trying to get them in the door. Once you get them to counseling, they will learn what they need to do from the counselor. It’s better they hear it from the counselor instead of you.

Marriage counseling is a good idea for any married couple that is having problems with their marriage. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married – whether it’s only been a few months or if it’s been decades. If you find that your marriage is going through a lot of small problems, it’s a good idea to tackle these issues before they snowball. Minor issues here & there are normal. But if it seems your marriage is constantly riddled with minor issues, it’s a good idea to learn how to resolve these problems. It’s better to get a handle on these early rather than waiting until they are out of control.

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