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how to be romanticEmotional affair” might sound like a latest buzz word which possibly mean cheating. However the real meaning of this term includes a lot of things that is oriented to cheating and more. If we look at it in a proper way, we get that emotional affair can be projected as the ‘affair of heart’ which is could be much more devastating to marriages. However it is even not exactly as emotional cheating!

Before considering any infidelity as emotional affair it is important that you actually understand the real meaning it. It is not about cheating emotionally in a relationship where you are forced to do things under emotional pressure. It doesn’t even mean or relate to any strong sexual attraction or critical emotional element involved in the relationship. It just only means that one partner committed to monogamous relationship. It is an affair which includes emotional intimacy rather than any physical intimacy.

In case if you are suspecting your spouse having an emotional affair with someone else, it could be generally considered due to lack of opportunity to know each other, rather than a strong commitment to marriage or code of values.

However before you conclude anything, you should find whether the attraction is really there. If you are sure enough and have got no point no denying it, then there might be an occurrence of disloyalty here. Although many a times, the attraction is also returned to some degree. Otherwise, the whole process would be considered as an infatuation that usually come to once life and even burn out eventually on its own.

A huge level of encouragement is needed for this situation to become an ultimate full blown emotional affair.

What is exactly emotional infidelity? Emotional infidelity is something which happens when your spouse withdraws you and becomes more emotionally intimate to someone else. This part can ruin you marriages arising different unpleasant situation in near future. It could be more serious than sex.

Let’s know more about this from a female perspective:

To a most women sex could be much easier factor to be forgiven. Because emotions or expression of love is the thing women value more than sex. Lack of few important things like confidence, trust, time, and care in their husbands, will never be accepted by a woman. Women always consider that their husband’s or spouse’s emotions are only meant for them, and thus they are not ready to share this at any cost.

From a male perspective:

Men always have a different problem with emotional affairs. There are men who feel a certain sense of relief when their wives begin to withdraw and seek emotional support elsewhere, but there are even cases when they can’t tolerate offering special emotions to any other men.

However it also happens some time that men get possessive of what they believe is theirs. And especially wives often fall into this category. They don’t really like to share the fact that their wives have a soft feeling for someone else which might not lead to sex but he will defiantly fear to lose respect and admiration from his wife.

Emotional Affair

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