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Though jealousy isn’t the best ingredient to mix to a concoction, some cases may differ where jealousy is exactly the taste your ex needs to realize he wants you back.

Warnings all over the bottle, however, say that this might backfire.  If you choose this as how you want to get your ex back you have been fairly warned. However, it’s wise to follow these words of advice so you don’t have something blowing up in your face.

Because jealousy is one of the more unstable emotions, there are no guaranteed results from trying this tactic. However, you should ultimately know your ex far better than anyone else so you’ll know to what level to push this attempt win your ex back. You can start dating someone else a little more seriously.

If your ex sees you with someone else, he’s likely going to start thinking about you more often.  He’ll start wondering if the person you’re with now is good enough for you.  He’ll question himself on leaving you in the first place.  You’ll certainly be putting yourself on the forefront of his mind if you let him see you with someone else.  You might even start realizing what you took for granted in your relationship with your ex.

Caution: don’t use anyone for the purpose of making your ex jealous.  There are so many better options to getting your ex back than by using someone.  Being in a rebound relationship where the other person knows you’re just looking for some fun for awhile will help your chances of not hurting someone else like you were hurt.  You could also even find a friend, perhaps, that’s willing to help you in pursuit of making your ex a little jealous.

Rarely is it a good idea to let your ex find out you were trying to make him jealous.  People don’t like being drawn on a string like that.  There are better ways to win him back. If this works for you, then kudos… but be careful you don’t put yourself in a more tangled web.