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Saving my marriageIf you want to move toward forgiveness but feel stuck, Dr. Gunzburg can show you how to deal with the offense head on through a unique method called cognitive behavioral therapy.

That means overcoming your overwhelming feelings that won’t go away, haunting images and obsessive thoughts.

Dr. Baucom has spent over a decade outlining his findings so that you can now have a blueprint. And not long ago he put together his program into a short program (and workbook).

All three of these can be downloaded right from the Save Marriage Today site so you can start right away.

Learning how to forgive is a requirement if you want your relationship to succeed and that is why Dr. Baucom developed a program just for you.

How to Forgive and Work through The Past

You may or may not be ready to forgive and that is fine, but the ideas and principles in this program will help you progress even if they are little steps.

(Even if the relationship ends, these principles will help you heal yourself.)

Please do me a favor….

Get the program, take an hour to go through it and then send me an email and let me know what you think. The program is not expensive; it can be downloaded right to your computer within 2 minutes.

I believe marriage partners should be best friends and my goal is that you and your partner will survive. That is why we spend so much time with our blogs and so much time developing programs that work.

Save Marriage