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Text your romance backIf you are among those that want to text your ex husband back, there is a very strong chance that you already know how difficult that actually is. It is quite common to simply take out your mobile phone, push buttons and then suddenly understand that you have insecurities, doubts and are afraid. The most common mistakes that you start thinking about include:

• Believing that a wrong text would make matters a lot worse
• Believing that apologies are not necessary
• Saying just Hi or texting a really small message
• What happens if nobody responds?
• Is texting a mistake because it sends out a message that you are willing to give up too easily?
• Will sending such a short text message mean that you are desperate, needy or annoying?

Many other thinks are going to go through your mind and it is quite common to feel paralyzed, sitting there for hours and not knowing what you need to say. The good news is that there are many different tips that are going to help you out a lot when you want to text your ex husband back and it is highly important that the first text message is written correctly.

You should always remember the following 5 tips if you want to text your ex back:

1. Never text too soon
It is a really good idea to never text too soon. Ideally, you should wait for around one month. As time passes, make sure that you think about what went wrong and see if you actually want the ex back or you are just overwhelmed by emotions caused by not wanting to be alone.

2. Don’t text anything about your relationship
Remember that you can talk about what happened at a later point in time. The first message is all about remembering why the two of you were together in the beginning. It is highly important to never think about why the relationship ended so the text should not be about the break-up.

3. Do not say that you changed, plead, beg or constantly apologize
Understand that the previous relationship is dead and the goal of the texts is to show the ex that everything might end up being better as soon as you two get back together.

4. Do not expect an immediate answer when you text your ex husband back
Contrary to what you might think, it is quite common to not receive a response to the first texts. You have to structure the first texts so that no pressure is put on the ex to offer a response.

5. Have a reason behind the texts
Every single sent text needs to have a meaning. Avoid all messages that say nothing at all because this will only make the ex not want to get back with you. These are called “Nothing Texts” and can damage all your chances of getting back with the ex boyfriend/girlfriend.

Understanding Nothing Texts

Nothing texts can be described as texts that do not say anything and that do not offer any openings for interaction. The most common ones are “How is it going?” and “Hey.” It is not easy to text your ex back and you need to make sure that the first message that is sent is a good one so that you can be offered a second chance. Using nothing texts will make that impossible.

Text your romance back