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It’s hard to keep up on all the mistakes you can make after the breakup and his left.  It may seem like almost everything you do is going to ruin your chances of getting back your husband that’s not entirely true.  However, there are some grave mistakes you can make—two that are mentioned here—that you should always try to avoid. These two are “Text Message Terrorism” and “Drunk Dialing.”  So what are they?

Text Message Terrorism

Yes this deals with text messages and yes, it’s a terror to your ex.  However, text message terrorism also deals with any other virtual form of communication you can bombard your ex with after a breakup. Any efforts to get him back to send something back are going to be in vain. 

He will simply get to the point of being annoyed that he’ll block your number and then how are you supposed to get in touch with him when you’re actually ready?  By avoiding the need to send messages to your ex you’re not going to feel as hurt about the breakup (because you won’t be getting rejected) and you’re going to show a certain amount of respect to your ex’s wishes.

Drunk Dialing

Not always having to deal with the consumption of alcohol, drunk dialing is sometimes caused by being “drunk” off emotions; though alcohol is more often the reason because people turn to alcohol to console their feelings.  The combination of overwhelmed feelings and a couple shots of tequila lower your ability to control any of your urges.

So, in order not to ruin your chance, remember these are the two common mistakes that you should avoid when getting your husband back