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Why relationship failedMany of us failed in our relationship. Certain things never get easier. I have come to find out that a few of my high school friends have gotten a divorce. I wish I have the chance to advice them before the decision was made, especially those friends with very young children.

Do not take your wife or your husband for granted. Don’t just think they’ll stay with you regardless of how you treat them. Never take a relationship for granted. When you find someone you want to marry, don’t let them take you for granted by tolerating bad behavior and don’t expect him or her to be romantic with you if you forget to act like girlfriend or boyfriend….even after you’re married.

1) Having Unrealistic Expectations

This one effects men just as much as women. It isn’t that they want too much in a partner…attractive, kind, fun to be with. The problem is that the person (or both partners) expects the other to be like this ALL of the time. When things become normal (often referred to as boring) they mistakenly assume that the relationship is broken, when in fact it was merely the normal progress of a healthy and loving relationship.

2) Tolerating Bad Behavior

This occurs when one partner ignores the bad behavior of the other simply to maintain the relationship. Women who tolerate a man who cheats or is abusive fall into this category. When pressed to explain why they don’t end the relationship they often reply, “Well, I know he does those bad things, but that’s not who he really is. If you got to know him like I do you’d see just how wonderful he can be.” If these women never learn that men crave what they have to work for and eventually despise a woman that is accommodating, these type of relationships usually end very tragically.

3) Taking Each Other For Granted

Early in a relationship everything is easy. It doesn’t require any effort to go out of you way to be kind to your partner when both people are infatuated.

Over time the relationship becomes comfortable and predictable. Everything goes fine until a crisis occurs and there is no emotional intimacy to draw upon. Each partner wants the other to be supportive and both are emotionally bankrupt.

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